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The blenders at Ty.phoo bring a combined experience of 50 years to creating your perfect cuppa. They taste up to 500 teas every day just to make sure that all the teas made by Ty.phoo are consistently excellent in quality, flavour and character.

Alan Hargreaves

Alan began his tea journey in 1987 with the Ridgways Tea Company based in Liverpool, his early years involved extensive tasting of all major tea growing regions and training on how to blend all varieties of teas into various blends.

In 1990 he started a new challenge and joined another local company Gold Crown Foods Ltd (Mantunna tea) again based in Liverpool. In 1996 He became senior tea buyer & blender and was responsible for all major purchasing including tea, coffee, and fruit & herb, while carrying out his daily blending duties.

Alan joined Typhoo in 2006 and became senior buyer / blender and to this day has an endless passion for this fantastic product.

Alan insists that you should never double boil water as so much love and attention goes into making the perfect blend.

How do you like your tea?
With two tea bags in a cup strong but quite milky, no sugar.

What’s your first memory of tea?
One of my earliest memories of tea is that my parents made tea in the old traditional way, in a tea pot covered with a tea cosy, and to this day they still make it the same way. Anytime I go to my parents house you can guarantee that the tea pot will always be hot with a fresh brew inside.

Razi Khan

Razi began his career in 1999 with Williamson Magors Tea Company in India, learning planting and manufacturing of CTC / Orthodox type of Tea based in Assam / Dooars and Darjeeling.

He relocated to Kolkata in 2001 and joined Carritt Moran & Company Pvt Ltd who were the 2nd largest tea brokers in India, were he fine- tuned his tasting teas, and was selling teas in the auction as well as privately.

When it was time to move on, he relocated himself with Harris Tea Company (USA) in 2006 based in Kolkata where his tasting and buying skills came to the fore front and where he learnt the art of buying / blending Black as well as Green teas and speciality products. Needless to mention that he has travelled extensively to most of the tea growing areas of the world whilst working at Harris.

After an interim period at GPI (Godfrey Philips Ltd) India, he moved over to Typhoo in 2010 and is presently enjoying his role as a buyer / blender as well as assisting in technical and supply chain.

How do you like your tea?
He likes his Green Tea with Oolong being his favourite one though every morning, afternoon and evening he drinks Typhoo Tea without any milk and sugar.

What's your first memory of tea?
My first memory of Tea was after I had joined Harris tea and visited PNG and Vietnam, this was the best inspiration for continuation in Tea.

Typhoo's first Tea Buyer & Blender 1934

Tea Tasting at Birmingham Factory 1970's